Thursday, May 20, 2010

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPVV)

My most recent posting was about doctor visits and my aging. Well, I am pleased to say I am not dying :) I have BPPV which is annoying but easy to treat. I was concerned I had a tumor or brain aneurysm the way I was feeling. I find this video very interesting so I thought I would share it. This is the technique I had done to clear it up. Today was hopefully my last treatment. Watching this video kind of freaks me out to know my eyes were moving like that and I had no idea. SO WEIRD how the body works together!


Dr Matt said...

The way the body works is amazing. The linking of the eyes and the balance centres of the brain is very cool. If you are left with any lasting dizziness or unsteadiness you may find you need a series of vestibular rehabilitaion exercises. This will sort most people out.

Anonymous said...

I had a series of 4 treatments (Epley Manoever) for BPVV and it went away to come back after just over a a year. My GP cannot do this treatment so I waited for three months to see the specialist at the hospital who too all of 5 mins to sort out the problem again. Now 18 months later It has come back again and I now have to wait again to see the specialist! It seems to be worse having to wait to get the treatment than it was before I knew it could be fixed so easily. I had it for over 6 years with my GP telling me that I had to live with it before he sent me to see the ENT clinic on an unrelated matter.